Tip of the Week: Free Mom of Her Heart-Wall

If you are like me, then family means everything to you. At the heart of the family is the mother. Now that Mothers Day is over you may want to give mom the wonderful gift of removing her Heart-Wall, or any trapped emotions you or your family members may have towards her with The Emotion Code.

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Inspirational Ad Trapped Emotions

If you are an Emotion Code or Body Code Practitioner, then this ad is perfect for you to advertise your business, just download it and share it to your Facebook friends, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Find out more about Trapped Emotions by clicking here.

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Tip of the Week: Trust Your Intuition

When you are working with a client and an idea or a question to ask pops into your head, be sure to act on it. You can always muscle test to see if your instinct is correct, and if it is, go ahead and work on that issue. I've always said that muscle testing is like training wheels for your intuition, and in the same vein, strengthening your intuitive powers is a lot like riding a bike!

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