Do you struggle with sadness, anxiousness, or other emotional distress? Fighting these emotions day in and day out may be detrimental to your wellbeing. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to release potentially harmful, trapped emotional baggage. With these five tips, you can discover effective, holistic ways to improve the state of your mental and emotional health, as well as your emotional release skills.

Visualize Ridding Your Negative Emotions
Next time you feel anxious, fearful, or sad, take a minute to analyze these emotions. What’s spurring them? How would you rate the severity of them on a sliding scale? Which emotions do you feel most commonly? By taking time to analyze these feelings, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of why they are occurring, which often makes it easier to visualize getting rid of them. During your visualization process, imagine physically taking these negative emotions and putting them in a trash can, suitcase, or box and sending them away from you.

Make a List
Though it will undoubtedly be emotionally and mentally taxing to dig deep into these emotions, make a hard, honest commitment to writing down a list of the emotions that plague your thoughts and actions. While making your list, remember that this is to simply acknowledge your memories and emotions, not to wallow in or focus on them. Once you’ve completed your list, go back through it and note at least one positive lesson or outcome you learned from the hurtful experiences, situations, and memories. Focusing on the positives allows you to have more power over what you take from the experience and no longer be the victim.

Practice Affirmations
Reflect on the list you made and transform these positivities into affirmations you can use when emotional baggage starts weighing you down. When you’re able to make a positive affirmation or statement of intent, such as “I will be patient and kind,” or “I’m proud to practice showing more love,” it may help to override any feelings of negativity, fear, anxiousness or sadness you’ve felt, placing the future in a more positive light.

Try Hypnosis
In addition to the previous tips, you can also try professional hypnosis as a method of emotional release. When hypnotized, your subconscious mind has a chance to relax and open up to suggestions made about potential Trapped Emotions. When done properly, hypnosis can be a highly effective way to not only release painful thoughts but also eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with more positive thoughts and feelings.

When practiced regularly and diligently, these tips can help you eliminate or significantly reduce emotional baggage. For more tips and education on methods of spiritual healing, contact the healing professionals at Discover Healing.