The world is full of negative energy. That is a simple fact. Many of us may even be unaware that we are holding negative energy in our bodies and simply think we are facing life in a realistic way. As you go about your normal life, you can encounter negative energy from the people around you at any point. Negative people enjoy informing others of their struggles and spreading negative energy, although they may not realize they are doing it. Learning how to protect yourself from negative energy is a valuable skill that will keep you healthy and happy.

It’s important to note that you may not realize you have been in contact with negative energy, as it is not always noticeable. Negative energy can present in many ways, including negative thoughts, fatigue, depression, or an ungratefulness for the good things in your life. If you find you have taken in unwanted negative energy, there are ways to combat it, and learning how to do so is an important step in protecting yourself.

Use the following techniques to safeguard yourself from negative energy as you seek to keep your mind and heart positive and your chakras aligned. An energy specialist or healer can also be a good resource as you learn to combat negative energy because they can help you develop strategies specifically tailored to your own life.

As you look over this list, keep an open mind and heart. Not every listed tactic will work for every individual. Learning to combat negative energy is a process and trying several of them will help you find what works best for you. If you find that a tactic or two does not work for you, take heart and do not be discouraged. As you develop a true determination to ward off negative energy, you will be rewarded with the ability to do so.

Yawning clears the body and resets it. If you don’t need to yawn, fake it until you do.

Smudge Sticks
Use clearing smudge sticks to ward off the negative energy in a room or around an individual. Herbs like Sage and Mugwort are good for clearing, cleansing, and healing.

The Law of Karma states that every action creates an energy that is returned to us in equal measure. Do your best to be sure your actions will bring about positive consequences, and if negative effects come your way, learn your lessons with a grateful heart.

Learn to Laugh
Having a good laugh can automatically reset negative energy and rejuvenate you at the same time.

Pine Protection
Take a piece of pine and place it in a glass of water. Set the intention that the pine protect the space that you have cleansed. Replenish the water as needed and give daily thanks for the pine.

Use A Rattle
A shaking rattle can be used to break apart negative energy and help you dispel it. Rattles are commonly used to break up negative energy held in the body as well as for space clearing. You can simply shake the rattle around your body or the area you wish to clear. A fancy rattle isn’t necessary; a simple bottle of aspirin will suffice in a pinch.

Use a mantra to verbally state your protection. Affirm aloud that you cannot control another being’s energy, but that you can control your own.

If you have acquired unwanted negative energy, be kind to yourself — you are still learning. To rid yourself of the negative energy, meditate, practice mindfulness, and implement some of the practices above. With patience, you can become a master of warding off unwanted negative energy.