The holiday season is filled with celebratory activities, gift-giving, and visiting with family and friends. While these festivities are a lot of fun, they can also become quite stressful and tiring! This year, protect your energy so that you can enjoy the season and be fully present with your loved ones. When you take care of your own needs, everyone around you benefits. Let us share a few ways we’ve learned to protect our energy during the holiday season.

Emotional Well-being Over the Holidays

  • Prioritize Your Mental and Physical Health

Take care of yourself, so that you can fully show up for your family! You can’t pour from an empty cup, so make time to do the things that fill you up with happiness and calm. Perhaps set aside time each morning to meditate, to take a walk outside, or to write in a journal. Even ten minutes of prioritizing your own needs can shift how you approach your day and your interactions with others. 

  • Be Compassionate with Yourself

If you just aren’t feeling the holiday cheer, it can be easy to make yourself feel even worse by adding guilt to your list of emotions! It’s okay to not want to go to every celebration. It’s also okay to not want to be around people all the time, even when it’s the people you love the most. Give yourself grace and go easy on yourself. Prioritize the activities that are most important to you, and then give yourself permission to opt out of some get-togethers if you need to.

  • Set Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes, especially with our families, we need to set boundaries. Saying no to certain things can help preserve your energy this holiday season. Asking that certain topics remain off-limits at celebratory gatherings can help lower stress levels, especially if you’re worried about a particular conversation sparking controversy, or upsetting you. Let your loved ones know when you need time to yourself, or when you need a little extra support. 

  • Don’t Abandon Your Healthy Habits

The holidays are full of treats, sweets, big family meals, and cozy days indoors. However, all that indulgence can disrupt your healthy habits, potentially making you feel unwell physically and mentally. Support your well-being by enjoying in moderation instead. Listen to your body’s messages, and tune in to what you really need. You might even use muscle testing techniques to identify what foods or drinks your body will react well to. 

  • Practice Energy Healing

Emotional baggage can cause stress around the holidays, but luckily there are simple and easy ways to clear these emotions through energy healing. Trapped emotions and other trapped energies can distort your energy field, making it easier to resonate with particular emotional frequencies such as anger and depression. Clearing trapped energy is easy with the Emotion Code® and the Body Code™! Schedule a session with a trained practitioner, and allow them to help free you from these imbalances this holiday season! If you’re a certified practitioner yourself, don’t forget to make time to practice on yourself as well.

Need some support this holiday season? We’re here for you! Reach out to one of our certified practitioners, or staff practitioners and see how energy healing can help clear your emotional baggage, so you can connect more deeply with friends and family, and leave the winter blues behind!