Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences we have as humans. Aside from having the companionship of pets, there are several other health and wellness benefits to being a pet owner. Some of the best advantages of having a pet include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • More physical activity
  • Stronger immune system
  • More empathy toward others
  • Higher levels of self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life
  • Fewer feelings of loneliness, restlessness, despair, and boredom
  • Enhanced social connectedness and social skills
  • Heightened caregiving abilities

Sometimes it can be difficult to connect and communicate on a deeper, more meaningful level with your pet. Fortunately, with these four tips, you can develop a better understanding of your pet and deepen your mind-body connection.

Keep a pet gratitude journal
Keeping a gratitude journal, in general, is a good way to feel more appreciative and grateful for the things in your life. By making a pet gratitude journal, not only will you develop a deeper sense of thankfulness for your pet, but you’ll also be able to notice particular attributes and qualities of your pet that you may not otherwise recognize. Make a point of writing down two or three things you’re grateful about your pet each night.

Snooze together
In addition to spending quality time with your pet before bedtime, you should also make a point of snuggling and sleeping with them on a regular basis. Even if you don’t allow pets on the bed, consider designating a snuggle couch or guest bedroom where you and your pet can take naps together on a regular basis. As you fall asleep next to your pet, imagine your souls connecting in your dreams. Take note of any dreams you may have of your pet in your gratitude journal.

Spend quality time outdoors
Being in nature with your pet is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and connect on a deeper level. Go for a hike, a nature walk, or a camping trip and take time to sit with your pet. Try to observe what they’re observing, hear what they are hearing, and feel what they are feeling. Relax together and meditate in the quietness, reflecting on the connection you have or wish to have with your pet.

Trust, forgive, and forget
First and foremost, trust your pet. While trusting your dog not to get into the trash when it’s left out or your horse not to wander through an open gate isn’t probable, simply trusting them to love you and be a part of your soul is something pets can sense. Know they’ll be there for you in times of need or emergency. When they do disappoint you, do something that makes you angry, or break your trust, remember to love unconditionally, forgive them for their actions or mistakes, and move forward with love.

Help your pet heal from emotional pain
Animals (and people) can behave in negative or unhealthy ways because they’re hurting inside. Many of these emotional pains come from upsetting or traumatic experiences in our past, and the energy of that pain can still be trapped in our physical bodies. Energy healing techniques like The Emotion Code can allow us to release these trapped energies on the spot, and many of these techniques can be used on your pet as well. Engaging in these healing practices with your pet can enable both of you connect on a deeper level and heal in surprising ways.

Using these connective and energy healing techniques, you’ll be able to identify with your pet in a way that deepens your spiritual, mental, and physical connection. For more energy healing techniques and tips on how to improve your spiritual connectedness, contactDiscover Healing today.