Do you ever feel closed off to love, as though you can’t connect deeply with those around you? Sometimes our past experiences can create emotions that isolate us from others. It can be challenging to overcome those feelings in order to find love. Experiencing love within our relationships, whether it’s romantic love, or love for our pets, family, and friends, is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. So how can you break through feelings of disconnection, and access the relationships you desire? Energy healing can help! 

Val experienced feelings of disconnection in the past, but after working through her Heart-Wall® with The Emotion Code®, she found lasting love. Watch the video above to discover how energy healing has helped her! 

Finding Love With Energy Healing

Val is not the only person who has reported experiencing more love in her life after working with an Emotion Code practitioner. In fact, these results are quite common! While we can’t guarantee that every person will experience these changes after trying energy healing, hundreds of recipients have shared testimonials with us about the shift they felt in their relationships after releasing Trapped Emotions™. 

Releasing Trapped Emotions to Access Love

Val mentions in our video that she had a Heart-Wall and that releasing this was the tipping point for her transformation. A Heart-Wall is a fairly common occurrence that practitioners find in their clients, and can have a huge impact on the ability to receive and share love. A Heart-Wall can form when the energy of one or more emotions becomes trapped around the heart. While this energetic barrier occurs because your body is trying to protect your tender heart, it can keep you from feeling positive emotions such as joy, gratitude, and love. If you’ve ever felt like you struggled to open up to the people around you, as though something holds you back from fully connecting with others, or stops you from feeling emotions deeply, you may have a Heart-Wall. 

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Trapped Emotions located in other parts of the body can also impact your ability to access positive emotions. The Emotion Code will allow you to communicate with your body so that you can locate and release any Trapped Emotions that may be holding you back from your optimum emotional health. A Heart-Wall is made of one or more Trapped Emotion and can be released in the same way. Once this barrier has been resolved, emotions will be able to touch your heart in a more profound, powerful way. Some recipients have reported that they suddenly felt much closer to their friends, more connected to their partners, or immediately open to meeting new people. 

If you’re curious how energy healing might transform your relationships, what are you waiting for? Let The Emotion Code help you become open to the love you’ve been searching for! Schedule a session with a practitioner today, or start learning how to use this powerful tool yourself.