Discover how to live in a state of abundance and gratitude – and how that mindset can bring you the success and wealth you desire! As human beings, our brains are wired to keep us safe from harm. This means our minds will often focus on scarcity and fear if we let it! However, we have control over our thoughts and can shift our mindset to one of abundance. Shifting your mindset in this way can attract more of what you want, helping you to achieve success in all aspects of your life – including financially! 

Nearly everyone would like more abundance in their lives. We all want an abundance of love, health, kindness — and yes — financial freedom. If you’d like to be able to create more abundance in your life, we’ve got great news for you. The power of positive living can bring you to a higher energy state where you can avoid negative energy, and be empowered to achieve more abundance. You can get started right now by following some simple advice.

people setting money goals with an abundance mindset

What is Abundance?

Abundance could be defined by the world we live in as having the freedom, time, and resources to help you live the life you want to live. And since we do live in the real world, resources could mean money. While money won’t bring true joy, it is often required to help us pursue what does bring us joy, or to sustain us as we do.

Financial abundance doesn’t necessarily mean having a certain amount of money in the bank or never having to work again. But imagine not having to worry and stress about money, because you feel safe and secure in paying your bills while doing things you love. Of course, this takes effort, but aligning yourself — energetically — with your financial goals can help make them easier to achieve. 

The Law of Abundance is quite simple:

  • what we believe, we receive
  • what we project, we attract
  • you will reap what you sow

What is an Abundance Mindset?

An abundance mindset means that you believe there are enough resources in the world for everyone – yourself included. It can guide you to see more opportunities and possibilities and focus on the positive. By incorporating an abundance mindset into your daily living, you may feel happier about your own successes and accomplishments – and even reap more joy from the prosperity and good fortune of others.

The opposite of an abundance mindset is a scarcity mindset. This means feeling like there isn’t enough opportunity for everyone to succeed. This mindset can lead to fear and a lack of faith in yourself to achieve your dreams.

Adopting an abundance mindset may not be easy at first, but with some practice, it can become second nature to you.

12 Exercises to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Many different goals, like saving money or advancing your career, can be wonderful side effects of adopting an abundance mindset or setting an abundance goal. 

1. Be Grateful

Gratitude may be as essential to your happiness as oxygen is to your body. Being grateful for what you have brings positive energy into your life and allows you to send and receive joy. It can help you create the attitude you need to leave self-doubt, fear, and frustration behind. And that can help you manifest the abundance you crave and achieve your financial goals. If circumstances or old attitudes have you struggling to find your gratitude, try a few simple daily exercises, such as:

  • Pausing to recognize the abundance around you: the sunshine, your comfortable bed, friends and family, and food.
  • Positive affirmations. (For example, I attract abundance. I am living an abundant life. I believe more abundance is on its way to me.)
  • Reaching out to your higher power to express your thankfulness for all you’ve been blessed with.
  • Mindfully pausing to count your blessings. 

2. Remove Blockages

What attitudes, preconceived notions, or habits might be blocking your abundance? Do you lack confidence in your ability to earn more money, advance your career, or achieve money goals? Do you hold onto every dollar for fear of losing it? Remember that money, like everything else, is a form of energy and is meant to be exchanged. Holding onto it out of fear or doubt can block that flow and not only keep you from sending it out, but also receiving it. Negative thoughts about money can lead us into a paralyzing fear of taking action — which will never help us achieve our financial goals.

Remember, intention is a powerful force. Using it mindfully to change your way of thinking can bring higher, healthier energy into your financial life. This may help you erase the negative self-talk that might otherwise keep you from pursuing that promotion, making a sound investment, or making a career change that might make all the difference.

Read more about releasing blocks to wealth in our article Clearing Emotional Blocks

3. Get Balanced

If your body’s energy is out of whack, we believe it can cause all kinds of physical and emotional issues. This is due to the energy of negative emotions already being trapped within you, where they can stay for years or decades. If you have a tendency to doubt yourself or can’t seem to break free of your fears, anxiousness, or insecurities about money, it’s possible that the energy of trapped emotions is to blame.

Through muscle testing and the Emotion Code®, you can identify what those trapped emotional energies might be, and then work to get rid of them. It’s a simple process, and you can try it on yourself or work with a practitioner to get started. We recommend trying our 14-Day Emotion Code Challenge to get started, and then reading The Emotion Code book. These assets will help you gain an understanding of how trapped emotions might be affecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Releasing trapped negative energies could be an important step in manifesting, attracting, and achieving your financial goals and creating more abundance.

4. Identify Your Beliefs About Money

It’s important to understand wealth and your personal mindset regarding money and financial responsibility. To begin, take some time to write down what you think about money in general, both good and bad. Write about how you have felt about money throughout your life.

  • Have your thoughts about money changed over the years?
  • If so, why have your ideas changed?
  • Were your ideas about money and wealth taught to you by your parents or other adults?

When you’re done, review what you’ve written. Look for patterns that may be triggering negativity or imbalances, which can actually block you from abundance.

5. Release Fear

Have you ever caught yourself thinking (and therefore acting) from a place of fear or scarcity? If you’ve had struggles with finances or job security, you might feel like holding onto every penny possible or getting a more “secure” 9-to-5 job should take priority over pursuing a career dream. These thoughts originate from fear, not from passion or desire. Instead of thinking about what could go wrong, consider what might go right if you go after what you really want.

6. Be in the Moment

The mindfulness that comes from being in the moment is a part of many calming practices like yoga and meditation. It should be a part of every single thing you do.

For example, being in the moment while eating can help you to slow down, make better food choices, and avoid eating past fullness. And in moments of contention or others letting you down, that same mindfulness in the moment can help you be more empathetic and see the best in the people you’re with. Seeing the best in others can improve relationships and make for a much happier and more abundant you.

Part of being in the moment is keeping yourself from agonizing over the past and worrying about the future. Rather than waste energy on that, be in the moment to appreciate your present life. This appreciation can help you adopt a more positive, abundant mindset.

7. Work on Yourself

Have you ever felt like the more you develop your skills, keep a positive mindset, and refine your character, the more opportunities seem to find you — without you necessarily having to seek them out? Has an amazing relationship, career opportunity, or realization of a dream ever seemed to fall into your lap when you weren’t looking? Well, maybe you attracted that blessing by being the amazing, positive person you are. 

Working on your mindset, expanding your capabilities, and simply “living right” seems like a no-brainer, but if you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you know that doing these things can only help your chances of living a more abundant life.

8. Practice Your Passions

What brings you the most complete joy and fulfillment? Find it and then DO it. Perhaps it’s a hobby in your free time, but it could also mean a drastic career change. If you’re in the corporate world, but your true passion is to build furniture, maybe someone is trying to tell you something. What starts out as a side hustle could blossom into the fulfillment you crave.

Sometimes following your passion means major lifestyle changes, but they can lead to true happiness.

9. Focus on Possibilities, Rather Than Limits

If you believe you cannot afford a home, get a new job, or save for early retirement, you’re far less likely to take the steps to accomplish those goals. If you truly believe there are wonderful opportunities around every corner, you’ll put more effort into seeking them out! A scarcity mindset can get in the way of your dreams, because you may settle for less with the assumption that your desires are unrealistic. Adopting an abundant mindset makes everything appear achievable.

10. Don’t Fear Financial Commitment

To successfully achieve wealth and abundance, make a plan and follow through. This relates back to whether your mindset toward financial abundance is genuine. For instance, don’t tell yourself that you’re going to save money by eating out only once a week, and then run through the drive-thru the very next day. You would just sabotage yourself.

Make a solid plan, put it in place, and stick to it immediately. Don’t procrastinate and or compromise your plan, not even a little. Consider how many times you’ve told yourself you’ll start tomorrow, next week, or next month. Decide now to avoid the sabotage procrastination creates.

11. Avoid Dream Squashers

There are people who are choosing a life of scarcity, and they like to drag you down into their misery by trying to crush your happiness and achievements. If you can, try to share your positivity with them. If they continue to steal your sunshine, walk away from that toxicity.

Young woman reaching out to hold hands for muscle testing

12. Share the Abundance

The abundance mindset is a belief that there are bountiful resources, and there should be enough for everyone (yes, that means you too!). If you have an excess, share it — don’t hold it over the heads of others who have less. “If you are more fortunate than others, it’s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.”

Sharing your abundance in the areas you have it (even if it’s just an abundance of a sunny attitude, sense of humor, or kindness) can help you and others experience what abundance really is — and more readily achieve it.

Releasing Trapped Emotions Attracts Financial Success for Energy Healing Clients

Many of us have unnecessary issues when it comes to money, this doesn’t have to be the case. By releasing your trapped emotions, or having a Certified Practitioner work on you with the Emotion Code or Body Code™ you can get to the real reasons why you are having financial difficulties. Once you release those emotions watch out because a whole new world may be opened to you.

Just read what energy healing client Kim D’Eramo has to say:

“After the session, I not only felt amazing and had one of the most wonderful evenings of my life, but our accountant called and let us know he had found investors for a real estate deal we were putting together, and then several people expressed emphatic interest for having their group participate in our work. These results were far beyond the results we were getting before in growing our business!”

Energy Healing Tools for Abundance

Energy healing could help you resolve what may hold you back from a more abundant life. Releasing negative energy or trapped emotions with the Emotion Code and the Body Code could go a long way toward helping you achieve financial abundance and success. Negativity and emotional baggage could be blocking you from the success you might otherwise be able to attain, and practicing energy healing regularly could help keep those blockages clear.

If you want to live a more abundant life, there is no time like the present to use these tips and tools that could help you achieve it. Don’t wait for life to happen to you. You control your own energy and can work to turn positive vibrations from your higher power into wealth and abundance on many levels.