Learn more about ways you can make meaningful connections during this pandemic. Dr. Bradley Nelson provides techniques that we can all use as we deepen our connections and find new ways of communication.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, 67 percent of Americans have felt more alone than ever before, new research finds, while almost four in 10 say worry and stress has harmed their mental health.

With social distancing and travel restrictions over the past year, many people have not been able to see their friends and family as much they would have wanted to. Yet there are still ways we can connect deeply with the people we care about, even if we can’t see them in person.

These include:

  • Lend a helping hand. Volunteering your time to help others is always a wonderful way to make a difference and feel more connected to your community. If you have skills like teaching art, a second language, or energy healing, you might volunteer your time to virtually offer classes or sessions to anyone needing some support.
  • Write a letter. Letters can be a powerful way to connect with people at any time! Sometimes it’s easier to fully express yourself with a written note. You might send a postcard from your hometown, decorate a page with arts and crafts, or simply share what’s happening in your life.
  • Send thoughtful gifts. Sending a care package is a wonderful way to let someone know you care! Apps such as DoorDash and UberEats are meal delivery services that allow you to send dinner or a sweet treat to a loved one, even if they live in a different town. Or you might pack up a box full of your homemade cookies, send a craft kit to a friend with kids (or a creative spirit!) or anything else you know your friend loves.
  • Spend time outdoors together. If you live close by, meeting up outdoors can be a great way to connect while keeping everyone in your life healthy. You might plan to meet up in a park or take a walk together. Exercise is a wonderful way to support your body and mind.
  • Release Trapped Emotions™. When negative emotional energies get trapped in our bodies, they can stop us from giving and receiving love freely. In fact, we have found that these emotions can become trapped around the heart, forming an energetic wall we refer to as a Heart-Wall™. Heart-Wall Trapped Emotions are often responsible when someone feels as though they can’t connect deeply in their close relationships. Tools such as The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ can free Trapped Emotions, release Heart-Walls and balance energetic imbalances.

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