When you first begin your energy healing journey with The Emotion Code®, we always recommend that you practice muscle testing — a lot! The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become. And in order to practice, you need to have questions to ask yourself, even if you already know the answers. 

Muscle testing is part of the foundation of energy healing, and you want to build that foundation the right way. Just like a home or any other structure, the foundation has to be solid for the building to function as it should. You can and should take all the time you need to really learn muscle testing. It won’t happen overnight, and that’s okay! You have the rest of your life to master and use it.

Start Small With Muscle Testing

When you’re starting out with muscle testing, you might not even ask questions at all. You could actually begin by simply saying yes or no, and gauging the response to see how your particular body (and your chosen muscle testing method) responds. Do this many, many times per day. You really can’t do it too much. If you start feeling fatigued by it, just take a break and come back to it later. 

Depending on how much you practice and how quickly you get used to muscle testing, you may spend days or even weeks simply saying yes or no, and testing your muscles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Asking Questions

Once you feel ready for actual questions, stick with things you already know the answers to for the first little while. Why? Because you’re just beginning to train your subconscious and conscious mind to give and receive answers! You have probably never asked your body and mind to communicate with each other in this way before, and it takes some getting used to. 

Think of these easy questions as your muscle testing training wheels; they help you build confidence until you’re comfortable enough to take them off. Here are a few ideas for questions you might ask.

  • Is my name (false name)?
  • Is my name (your actual name)?
  • Am I (false age) years old?
  • Am I (correct age) years old?
  • Do I live in (false city)?
  • Do I live in (correct city)?

Do you see the pattern? You can try asking your body to confirm something you know is false, and then ask it to confirm something you know is correct, and vice-versa. Note how your muscles respond weaker or stronger to gauge how your body and muscle testing method are working. 

You can try the questions above, and add variations like the number of kids you have, whether you’re married or not, if you’ve ever traveled outside your country, been to a specific place, been bungee jumping, have a dog named Kramer, etc. Stick with questions that are clear cut and easy to document (hey, either you’ve been to Zimbabwe or you haven’t). 

When you’re starting out with muscle testing and energy healing, try to stay away from questions about other people, relationships, and health for now — even if you think you know the answers. Remember, these questions are your training wheels, and the more concrete they are, the better. You may already be uncertain about what you’re doing — don’t complicate things by asking fuzzy questions.

If you want to sit down with a piece of paper right now and brainstorm a list of different yes or no questions, great! You might be surprised at the number of questions you’ll come up with. Work your way through the list and then start over again — there’s nothing wrong with repeating questions.

Erase Doubt

No matter what questions you’re using or how experienced you are with muscle testing, it’s important to clear your mind of doubt before you begin. Sure, that’s easier said than done, especially for beginners. But the key is that when doubts do enter your mind, that you have the intention to erase them rather than dwelling on them. Simply intending to believe is powerful, even if you’re not all the way there yet. Intention and belief are essential to not only successful muscle testing, but to energy healing in general.

Want to learn more about muscle testing? Curious about how it works and which methods to begin with? Our free muscle testing course is exactly what you need. Sign up now.