Struggling with anxiety can be life-changing. Feeling inexplicable, unexpected feelings of rapid heart rate, tightening chest, darkened vision, and throat-clenching panic can have a profoundly negative effect on your quality of life. While these symptoms can often be controlled and reduced with prescription medications or professional therapy, there are several homeopathic options that can also be helpful — you may even able to reduce your use of medications.

One of the most remarkable, reputable solutions for naturally treating anxiety is releasing Trapped Emotions via the Emotion Code.

What are Trapped Emotions?
Anxiety can come from an array of different causes. For some, anxiety is a genetic disorder that affects multiple members of the same family. For others, traumatic events, painful memories, and prolonged development of negative feelings can spur panic attacks and increase the symptoms of anxiety. In addition to causing serious emotional damage, harboring the types of negative, suffocating emotions that come with anxiety can also have a negative effect on your physical health, mental well-being, and meaningful relationships. These negative, often subconscious feelings, are called trapped emotions.

How to Treat Anxiety and Release Trapped Emotions with the Emotion Code
Along with natural remedies like frequent exercise, a healthy diet, and regular consumption of herbal supplements, anxiety can be treated with holistic practices like The Emotion Code. As a means of accessing your subconscious mind, The Emotion Code employs various methods like muscle testing, chakra balancing, and magnet healing to gather information about trapped emotions, feelings, and experiences that are affecting your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Muscle testing, for example, allows practitioners to gain insight into your subconscious by asking specific closed-ended questions.

If you’re treating anxiety, the questions your practitioner will ask you will likely refer to traumatic experiences that happened in your past or painful memories you can’t seem to lay to rest. Depending on how your muscles respond to these questions, practitioners can then use chakra balancing or magnetic healing to release the trapped emotions and thus help you treat and absolve the anxious emotions and feelings that are preventing you from living a happy, loving, meaningful, and well-balanced life.