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Rescue Dog With Traumatic History Of Abuse Less Aggressive After Emotion Code Sessions

"The most remarkable Emotion Code® sessions I had were with a dog named Tillie. She is very loving and docile with her family, but so aggressive and overprotective around others that friends had told her "mom" that she would have to "take measures." Tillie was [...]

2020-09-05T18:45:59-06:00September 5th, 2020|Testimonials|0 Comments

Before Using The Emotion Code “I Had Always Felt Like I Was Alone… Not Any More”

"Practicing The Emotion Code® on myself for the first time was a massive lifesaver for me. It has created a huge change in my life. I believe that everyone should know about this, how to use it, how to help themselves and others to recover [...]

2020-08-31T17:40:05-06:00August 31st, 2020|Testimonials|0 Comments

Long-Standing Complaints Reduced Drastically After Applying The Emotion Code

"The most moving experience for me was when I was allowed to apply The Emotion Code® to an 81-year-old friend. Despite her oversized skepticism, her long-standing complaints ("boiling feet") have been reduced from intensity level 9 to 1 after applying The Emotion Code twice. For [...]

2020-08-25T12:57:07-06:00August 25th, 2020|Testimonials|0 Comments