As you can imagine, emotional intelligence and emotional healing are closely related. When you’re emotionally intelligent or have a high EQ (emotional quotient), you can identify and manage your own feelings and the feelings of others. Your high EQ allows you to handle hardships and go through your own emotional healing process.

Trapped Emotions

When you have Trapped Emotions — and we believe most people have several — you might find yourself easily falling into certain emotions. For example, do you feel you easily become jealous, frustrated, anxious, or feel worthless or guilty? Does it seem like your reactions to people and circumstances have a pattern that you don’t understand and seems like overkill?

Think of it this way. Wouldn’t you be more likely to feel guilt, anxiety, or worthlessness at the drop of a hat if some part of you were already feeling that way all of the time? When you have a Trapped Emotion, this is essentially what happens. The physical energy of that particular emotion could be lodged anywhere in your body, so when a situation arises where you might feel that emotion, you are far more likely to feel it, and feel it more severely. If you find yourself getting jealous a lot, it could be that part of you, literally, is already jealous all the time!

Trapped Emotions and Emotional Healing

It makes sense, then, to think about how Trapped Emotions might affect your emotional healing. How can you heal completely from an awful experience if those emotions — which we believe are very real physical energies — never leave your body? You might even think you’ve moved past a difficult time in your life, only to feel like the events and their emotions resurface when you experience some kind of triggering event. But after those energies are released, you may find yourself better able to heal emotionally than ever before.

Many people who work with The Emotion Code® find that emotional healing becomes easier, or even happens right away, after releasing Trapped Emotions. And when emotional healing can take place, how do you think that affects your emotional intelligence?

Trapped Emotions & Emotional Intelligence

After working with The Emotion Code, we have a lot of practitioners, clients, and readers tell us that they feel their ability to recognize, feel, and process emotions is enhanced. Their sense of intuition and empathy are heightened. These things are at the very heart of emotional intelligence.

If you can process emotions effectively they may be less likely to become trapped. But even if they do, you’ll know how to release them by using The Emotion Code. And as you work with yourself and others, your emotional intelligence is likely to rise to new levels.