When traumatic experiences happen in our lives, it can be hard to move on. If we don’t properly process those experiences it can feel like we’re reliving those emotions every day. They can hold us back from happiness in our lives, developing deep relationships, and trusting others. It is possible to work through these negative experiences with energy healing techniques, creative expression, mindfulness, taking care of yourself, and time! If you are working to heal yourself from difficult emotions and past experiences, read on for our recommendations to help you.

How To Move Forward After Difficult Experiences

Allow yourself to feel your emotions:

Difficult experiences bring up emotions you may not want to feel. Many people are also taught as children that emotions such as anger and sadness are bad, and you should avoid them. By avoiding our feelings, we deny ourselves the ability to process and move through them. Numbing ourselves to our emotions doesn’t help us move through them. Identify what you’re feeling, and allow yourself to experience those emotions. 

Talk about how you feel:

Speaking about what you’ve experienced, and how you’re feeling can be a powerful way to move on from past experiences. Talking it out can help you to verbally process what happened. Group discussions with others who have experienced similar hardships can help show you that you aren’t alone. While it’s great to talk to friends and family, you might also consider talking to a professional who doesn’t have any stake in the situation. It might be painful or difficult for those close to you to hear about the situation, and a professional may be able to give you insight and helpful tools to cope with and process how you’re feeling. It is important to implement steps and strategies that will help you process and move forwards, rather than rehashing the situation continuously.

Express yourself artistically:

Artistic expression can help identify how you feel and release those emotions through creativity. Try journaling about the experience, how you feel, and what you want to release. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, simply allowing yourself to explore your thoughts can be helpful on your journey towards emotional healing. Expressing yourself could also take the form of creative writing such as poetry, music lyrics, and stories. Other art forms including painting, collage, sculpture, and music can also be creative outlets for expressing your emotions. 

Use energy healing tools:

Using energy healing techniques such as The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ can be a fast and effective way to release imbalances associated with past events. Past events can cause imbalances associated with emotions that become trapped in the body, physical traumas, idea allergies, imbalances in the memory field, and much more. When the body is triggered by these energies, it can become difficult to move on from a difficult situation in the past. However, imbalances from past events can be located, processed, and released through these energy healing techniques. By releasing these blockages, you may be able to quickly and effectively free yourself from what’s holding you back emotionally or causing you physical discomfort. Many clients experience dramatic changes in the way they feel, sometimes immediately after their first session!

Practice mindfulness:

Mindfulness practices can be helpful when dealing with challenging experiences. Engaging in mindfulness practices can help you to become more compassionate with yourself. It can also strengthen your ability to regulate emotions. These are skills that can help those healing from traumatic experiences. MIndfulness often refers to meditation and is characterized by actions that train your mind to stay present. Mindfulness can also include breathing practices, taking solo walks, journaling, and more! 

Physical release:

Moving your body can be a great way to physically work through your emotions! Dancing, walking outside in nature, yoga, tapping techniques, and more can all help you to physically process your emotions. Our bodies and minds are deeply connected, so movement can help us evoke and express our emotions, processing them in a healthy way. 

Focus on your needs:

When you’re healing from a difficult event, it can be challenging to give yourself the time and attention you truly need in order to heal. Set time aside every day or every week to just be present with yourself, and attend to your own needs. It might also help to take time away from your day-to-day life, perhaps by planning a vacation. Even a short trip somewhere new may help you see the world from a new perspective. When the daily visual or physical reminders of past traumas are removed, it can be easier to move forward and focus on your healing. 

How Energy Healing Can Help You Deal with Difficult Events From Your Past

We believe that everything has an energetic vibration, from our physical bodies to our emotions. When emotions and experiences aren’t processed properly their energies can become stuck in the body. A Trapped Emotion™ can create an energetic imbalance that may cause physical discomfort, emotional distress, and more. Trapped Emotions are one of the most commonly found issues in The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™! Luckily, using tools like these to resolve imbalances can be an effective way to free yourself from any trapped energies that might be holding you back. Many of our practitioners and clients have seen issues that bothered people for years cleared up in just one energy healing session! 

If Trapped Emotions are holding you back from healing from difficult experiences, energy healing techniques can be a fast, effective, and safe way to find the relief you desire! Try a session with our energy healing practitioners today.