This is the sixth in a six-part series, defining the main imbalances addressed by the Body Code.

We make choices every day that impact our health and happiness! The Body Code™ can help identify what changes you could make to your Nutrition and Lifestyle to bring your body into balance! Join us for a deeper dive into defining the Nutrition and Lifestyle imbalances you might find while practicing the Body Code!

What is a Nutrition or Lifestyle Imbalance in the Body Code?

This section of the Body Code can help users find herbs and nutrients, exercise, and lifestyle habits that their body may be asking for. By adding these nutrients or lifestyle changes into their lives, they may find that their bodies feel healthier! The Nutrition and Lifestyle Imbalances addressed by the Body Code include the following categories:

  • Nutrition:Many people experience Nutritional Deficiencies. This is often because we don’t eat nutrient-dense diets. Also, many crops are grown in depleted soils requiring chemical fertilizers. Trapped Emotions can also make it more difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, leading to deficiencies. This section allows you to explore if you have a Nutrient Deficiency, and what type of deficiency may be affecting you. You might find yourself directed to the Protein, Superfoods, Food, or Nutrient category. Each of these has a chart to help you find even more specific information that could help you transform your health. 
  • Sleep:Getting enough rest is an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle. During sleep, the body is able to repair and recover. Additionally, there are brain wave patterns that only happen during natural sleep. Our rest is made up of recurring stages and is influenced by an internal circadian clock that aligns with day and night cycles. The light from TV, phone screens, and other artificial lights can interfere with these sleep cycles in modern society. 
  • Outside Need:Sometimes we need some support from outside sources! This section includes categories such as Physical Needs, which includes the Need for Movement, Body Work, and Detoxification. You might benefit from additional exercise, or scheduling a massage session with a professional, and the Body Code can help guide you to those answers. Other Outside Needs include Creativity, Stress Processing, Adjunctive Therapy, and Energy Medicine such as Reiki, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and more.
  • Herb & Spice:Herbs come from the leaves of a plant that are used for flavoring, food, or medicine. Spices are made from aromatic seeds, bark, flowers, and roots of plants that have been dried and crushed. Both Herbs and Spices have their own unique vibration and ability to support your total body wellness. The use of Herbs and Spices for healing can be dated back to 3000 B.C. They can be consumed as tinctures, teas, medicinal pills or pastes, and added to foods. Herbs and Spices often have anti-inflammatory properties, can be anti-bacterial, antispasmodic, and provide other great benefits.
  • Essential Oil:Essential Oils are very potent extractions from plants. They capture the scent of the plant from which they originate. The extractions are then typically combined with a carrier oil to create a product that’s ready to be used. Essential oils are not meant to be consumed but can be used as room or sheet sprays, with carrier oils on the skin, and as aromatics. Inhaling the scent of essential oils can stimulate the brain, reduce stress and anxiety, help with sleep, and provide other great benefits!
  • Magnetic Field:The body’s Magnetic Field can experience Distortions or a Deficiency. Both of these can have negative impacts on your body. When the Body Code identifies a Deficiency in the body’s Magnetic Field, this is often caused by a lack of connection with the Earth’s magnetic field. This can also develop due to associated imbalances. Distortions of the Magnetic Field are often associated with a Trapped Emotion. 
  • Color Imbalance:This issue can present as either a Color Excess or a Color Deficiency. All the colors in the spectrum have their own vibrational frequencies. Each of these colors can be beneficial to you in different ways. Sometimes, we might avoid a certain color and become deficient in it. Or, perhaps we are surrounded by that color every day and experience an excess of that color.
  • Hydration:Being properly hydrated is important to maintaining good health. However, it is also important that water is balanced by electrolytes. If there is an imbalance in our hydration, we may encounter health issues. Using this section of the Body Code to help identify if you’re experiencing issues with Water Absorption, Water Quality problems, Electrolyte Imbalances, and other Hydration related issues can help you better understand what your body needs for optimum wellness. 

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