Do you ever beat yourself up? Do you have trouble letting go of the negative energy of your mistakes, even the small ones? You’re not alone! You’ve probably heard people say things like, “I’m my own worst critic,” or, “I keep reliving this mistake over and over.” How many times has someone told you to, “stop being so hard on yourself?” Without an emotional release, it can be impossible to get past those feelings.

We’re all human, and it’s natural to fret when we do something wrong. It’s those guilty feelings that drive us to apologize or make amends when we do something wrong. That’s a good thing! But when we’ve gone through those steps and still can’t let go, or when we needlessly beat ourselves up, it can cause more than a bad day. It may become a damaging pattern that hurts our self-esteem and affects our mental state.

Lose the Negative Energy

One premise of The Emotion Code® is that carrying around the negative energy of the past — often called emotional baggage — can actually make us default to those same feelings when the next bad experience comes around. Say you had a fight with your mom when you were 17, and she made you feel guilty for something you did. You might be 38 now, and still beat yourself up like crazy over little mistakes. Why? Well, if that guilt from age 17 became trapped within you as negative energy, that emotional vibration could still affect you in any tense situation you face — even if you did nothing wrong. Guilt may be your default because that negative energy is still inside you.

It doesn’t matter what the emotion is — rage, worthlessness, fear, anxiousness, grief, shame, etc. — it could stay with you permanently until you find emotional release. So, how can you stop being so hard on yourself and release that negative energy? Here are a few things you can try as an emotional release.

  • Think positive: The power of positive thought can improve your energy and help shield you from negativity. Positive affirmations and gratitude are both great methods for positive thinking and may help you with emotional release.
  • Look for the lesson: Say you made a whopper of a mistake. Okay, we all do it! Instead of dwelling on what you did wrong, look for what you can learn from it and turn that mistake into a learning experience — that’s always a positive thing.
  • Use The Emotion Code: While there are several methods that can help with emotional release, that negative energy may stay with you until you release it as energy. The Emotion Code is designed to help you find, identify, and then release trapped emotional energy quickly and easily, which could be exactly what you need to stop falling into a pattern of negativity.

Releasing negative energy could be essential to both your physical and emotional wellness. To learn more about how The Emotion Code® could offer you the emotional release your mind and body need, read more about it here or get your copy of the newly updated book.