In many parts of the world, springtime is seen as a new start. It’s a chance to spruce up your yard, do some house cleaning, and hit the “reset” button. But no matter where you live, it’s always a good idea to renew your energy and outlook. Try taking stock of where you are right now. Are there things or places in your life that could use some “spring cleaning”?

Chances are, if you think about it for just a few minutes, you’ll have a list of things to renew. Here are some ideas on how to renew the energy of your emotional or spiritual self.

Get Outside

Connecting with nature and admiring the beauty of your surroundings can boost your mood, enhance feelings of gratitude and help you feel more grounded and connected to life in general. Sometimes we get so buried in the day-to-day swing of life that we forget to use this tremendous resource that is free for all to enjoy. Take a walk through the park. Go for a drive through a canyon. Sit outside on your patio or porch and feel the sunshine. Head for a lake or beach.

Whatever it takes to get outside of your own head and mentally relax and recharge, take the opportunity to do it. Getting outside can really help…even if all you can do is go there in your mind. You can even try some energy healing methods while you’re outside. Imagine all that negativity disappearing into the atmosphere.

Read for Inspiration

Whether its scripture, poetry, or inspirational quotes, reading something that inspires you and makes you feel good can help you gain valuable perspective. Many of us believe that we are spiritual beings, and feeding your soul with words of truth and wisdom — wherever you look for them — can help you renew your energy.

Write a Letter

Do you have some thoughts and feelings you need to get out? Does someone need to know how you feel about them or how an experience with them affected you? It may be very healthy to express that on paper — even if you never send the letter. Imagine transferring your feelings onto the page, and then tear up or burn the letter.

On the other hand, writing a letter doesn’t have to be about hurt feelings. It could be a letter of gratitude to a loved one, a former teacher, or an employer who has done a lot for you. Reliving those positive experiences on paper, and then letting that person know how you feel, can boost and renew your positive energy.

Energy Healing Modalities

Much of the basis of energy healing is about renewing and restoring. It’s about “cleaning up” your own energy, feeling lighter and more joyful. This is what springtime is all about! Take this opportunity to release negativity and imbalances that could be affecting your mind, body and spirit. Use The Emotion Code® and The Body Code™ to clean and renew your energetic “house.”