One of the best ways to describe past relationships is that they are haunting.

Ghosts of feelings and trapped emotions can lurk in your subconscious, even if they’re inherited from others and were not personally experienced by you. These ghosts can keep us on a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs.

But the good news?

They can be released.

Become a Ghost Hunter

The first thing you must do to rid yourself of these ghosts and start feeling whole again after leaving past relationships is to identify who or what these troublesome spirits are. Begin by doing some close personal observation. Do you get agitated after being around a certain person? Is there a specific kind of phrase, comment, or interaction that sets you off?

Often, these triggers have nothing to do with the current person or situation at all, but instead, are a result of hidden imbalances after a break-up or deterioration of a relationship. For example, if you were in a verbally abusive relationship with a spouse who constantly put you down, a mere suggestion on how to do something as simple as folding clothes or washing dishes can unnerve you. You might begin to feel out of control; like that ghost of a past relationship is haunting you all over again.

One important thing to remember is that these triggers don’t have to define who you are, how strong you can be, and how far you have come. Triggers are your body’s natural responses to past hurts, and their purpose is to let you know you have trapped emotions waiting to be dealt with. Thankfully, the answers you need to deal with them are already stored in your subconscious mind; all you need to do is access them.

Cut the Cord

Just because you have removed yourself from a relationship physically does not mean you have disconnected yourself from that person on a subconscious level. In this context, cutting the cord means to eliminate the unseen force that binds you to past relationships that no longer serve you.

scissors and twine on a book

Cords, or energy cords, are invisible energetic connections to people from your past. Most of them are good, but some are unhealthy and need to be severed. Once you have identified your ghost (or ghosts) of past relationships, all you need to do is ask the necessary questions to let them go and cut that cord.

For example, let’s say you have found an energy cord that ties you to a former best friend who has hurt you. Using The Body Code™, ask yourself a series of questions to help you identify and sever that connection if you find it to be detrimental. For example: “How is this cord tying me to him or her? Is there a specific event or interaction that causes and perpetuates it? When was it created? What’s the energetic attraction? Why do I keep letting her get to me? Is it time to move on, or can we rid ourselves of this ghost and mend our relationship?”

Recovering from past relationships is much more of a process than a task. However, those ghosts can be moved out of your way, and balance can be restored. At Discover Healing, our goal is to help you achieve a higher vibration and more positive energy partnerships. For help, check out our Resonating Relationships Training Series and search our site for articles, videos, and more.