We hope you’re looking forward to the New Year, Discover Healing family! Now is a great time to start considering what you want to focus on. What goals do you want to achieve? What steps will you take to transform your life into the life of your dreams? What would make this year the best year yet? 

Even when we set resolutions to help us achieve our goals, it’s easy for us to get off track throughout the year. So, how can you set yourself up for success? Let us share a few tips for committing to New Year’s resolutions this year!

Setting and Achieving Your Goals This New Year

Reflect and Evaluate

A year of our lives is coming to a close. It seems to be a good time to reflect and even evaluate what has happened. It’s a time to feel good about the love that you have felt and given, the service you have rendered to others, and the lives you’ve touched. It is also a good time to look ahead and determine what you want for the future. 

Before making your New Year’s resolutions this year, take time to reflect and evaluate your vision for the next year. What will bring about the changes in your life that you want to see? What actions will you need to take? Do you have a vision of what you want? Do you have strong enough reasons to work for your goal, to sustain your effort when you feel tempted to give up? How will you feel about yourself and what you have accomplished if you make your dream into a reality? How might you feel if you don’t?

Visualize Achieving Your Dreams 

Visualize how these resolutions will change your life. If you have a goal journal, take some time to write about your goals and their meaning. Think through how you might overcome possible challenges, and what may happen as you work through those issues. Imagine how you’ll feel when you accomplish your dreams. Visualize the lives you hope to change, what you’ll discover about yourself, what you’ll learn, how you’ll change, and how you will feel.

Ask Questions

If you find that you are setting the same goal year after year and you aren’t seeing your reality change, it might be helpful to look at things more closely. It may help to ask yourself some more questions.

What are you missing? Is there a lack of commitment? Do you lack excitement about the goal itself? Is there a lack of knowledge about what it’ll take? Are you making it enough of a priority and scheduling time for your goal? Do you have a good plan in place to help you achieve it? Is your plan divided into parts that you can realistically do? Do you seek the support that might be necessary to accomplish some of those steps? Is there something or someone sabotaging your efforts? Is your goal what you truly want – or is it motivated by someone else’s desire for you? Is there pain or negativity associated with your goal? Do you have trapped emotions about working toward your goal, or about accomplishing it? Think about how you might use energy healing to structure customized questions for yourself to see if you have any trapped energy that is keeping you from achieving your goal.

Get Specific

When setting goals for the year, getting crystal clear about what you want helps create attainable resolutions. Perhaps your goal is to grow your energy healing business. Rather than setting an ambiguous goal to “grow the business,” you might choose a specific goal such as “find two new clients a month!” The more detailed you can be about your goals, the easier it is to break them down into smaller increments. It’s also easier to recognize your success as you meet your specific goals.

Share Your Goals

Sharing your resolutions with people who care about you can be a wonderful way to hold yourself accountable! Not only will you feel more responsible for your resolution, but you’ll also gain a support system that might be able to help you out along the way. Having someone you can talk to when you need a little encouragement can go a long way to help keep your resolutions.


No matter what resolution you make, check in with yourself as you go. Perhaps as you start working towards your goal you might find that it was a little unrealistic, that the year got busier than you could have imagined, or perhaps that you could have taken on an even bigger goal! There’s nothing wrong with updating your goals to match what’s really possible in your life today.

Celebrate Your Success!

Recognize and appreciate the hard work you’re putting in along the way! Focusing only on the end goal can be discouraging, so enjoy the journey. Celebrating each step you take toward achieving your goals can help motivate you to keep going.

Clear Trapped Energy

Trapped emotions and other energetic imbalances can have an impact on your ability to achieve your dreams. The frequencies of emotions and other experiences can become trapped in the body, impacting the ability to experience love, gratitude, self-confidence, creativity, and so much more. These frequencies can be identified and released using the Emotion Code®, the Body Code™, and the Belief Code®. Using these tools to clear your energy can be a great way to support yourself and create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Be Kind to Yourself

Setbacks are inevitable. When you encounter an issue along the way, it can be beneficial to regard it as a growing opportunity, rather than a failure! If you’re not achieving your goal quite yet, believe in yourself and your ability to get through any setback.

Sticking to Resolutions With a Growth vs Fixed Mindset

Many of us make goals when a new year begins. You might be inclined to use this as an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, with all its ups, downs, successes, and failures. Then you likely make goals for how to make this year better than the last. While setting goals is healthy and important, you need to be careful not to let the positive mindset of a new year lead to a downward spiral of beating yourself up if you don’t meet your own expectations.

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

We all want to do and be better at certain things. Self-evaluation is a great way to identify those things and decide how we’ll improve. But because we’re human, we fall short sometimes. This is part of being alive, and failure is an important part of anyone’s journey! To keep from getting too down on yourself when this happens, try to adopt a growth vs fixed mindset. A growth mindset is a little different from a positive mindset or positive emotions. Here are some examples:

Fixed Mindset: I’m either good at this or I’m not.

See how self-limiting this statement is? It’s like saying, “Since I set this goal and messed up, I must not be capable of achieving it.”

Growth Mindset: I’m not good at this yet, but with effort, I can improve.

Now that’s better! A growth mindset is the belief that, even though you might initially struggle, you can overcome, improve, and acquire a skill you didn’t have before.

Fixed Mindset: My boss said I did this wrong. I’m a failure.

When you look at feedback as a personal attack, it can hurt your creativity and ability to learn. Some people have a hard time giving feedback without sounding demeaning, but this says more about them than about you.

Growth Mindset: Okay, it didn’t work this time. But what can I learn for my next try?

Growth vs fixed mindset is like the difference between learning from mistakes and simply giving up because of them.

Fixed Mindset: My tendencies and talents are what they are. I’m just not suited for some things.

While it may be true that some things are a better fit for you than others (think of why you entered your career instead of something dramatically different), thinking you’re born with certain tendencies and, “it’s just the way I am” can limit your ability to set your sights on bigger things — and achieve them.

Growth Mindset: Trying and learning new things is fun!

You might not be good at everything you try — at least the first time. But the mind and spirit have untold potential to learn, expand horizons, and achieve things you never thought you would!

Positive New Year Resolution

What Your Mindset Has to Do With New Year’s Resolutions

Anytime you set a goal, there’s the potential for setbacks or even failures. Maybe you won’t lose 30 pounds by June — perhaps you’ll lose 18. A fixed mindset might say you failed at that goal and should give up, but a growth mindset says it’s not a race and looks at how to tackle the rest. Of course, setting reasonable goals is key, but keep in mind that life is more of an infinite game — not a finite contest with winners and losers. Life is a journey of self-improvement, course corrections, and milestones. Moving forward is the whole point — and having a growth vs fixed mindset can help you focus on the big picture.

Setting resolutions is just one way to work towards a better you, and a better life! Looking forward to the year ahead, we’d love to help you on your journey. If your goal is to grow your healing business, to release negative energies, or to balance your body and emotions, we can help!