We believe that happiness and optimal health require a balance of the mind and body. To us this means that if the actual energy of emotions is out of whack, your emotional state may suffer. Like a virus, our premise is that negative energy can affect our emotions, but with mindfulness and emotional healing through energy work, we can combat negative energy and begin to feel better.


The “Weight” of Emotional Energy

Take a moment to think about the physical impact the energy of emotion can have on you. You can feel the dread of a late-night unexpected phone call in the pit of your stomach. When you see someone you care for dearly, your heart may race at the sight of them. When things are going well and positive emotional energy abounds, you may feel a lightness, like your head is in the clouds; or you might feel more physically energetic.

What you may be feeling are the palpable effects of the energy of emotion. We even use the phrase “like a weight was lifted off my shoulders” when a heavy stressor is removed from our lives. While we often feel like negative energy weighs us down, we may also get the feeling that positive energy lifts us up.


Emotional Energy as Physical Force

Let’s use a bucket of water as an analogy for the energetic force of emotion. Our emotions are naturally in a neutral state until stimulated by an outside force, like a bucket of water sitting in the sun on the lawn.

When something nice happens, like our morning coffee turns out perfectly or we see a funny meme on Facebook, our energy raises ever so slightly, kind of like the sun hitting that bucket of water. We, like the water, feel a little warmer. There are changes occurring, but nothing noticeable.

Then there is a downpour of rain. The bucket overflows, perhaps starts to leak, or may even tip over completely and no longer function as it should to hold water. At times, the negative energy of difficult emotions like fear and worry can turn to rage and unmitigated sadness, and we overflow and stop working as we should.


Observe and Review Your Emotions

Life is a crazy ride, and it takes work. Emotional healing is part of that ride, and while it will take some dedication and focus on your part, these efforts can help you weather the storms of emotion as energy. With practice, the energy work of emotional healing can help you lessen the effect of negative energies on your emotional well-being.

It is easy to recognize the negative emotions of specific, traumatic events. However, there may also be times when you physically feel something is not right in your life, but you can’t quite identify the cause. Let’s use the water analogy once more.

Is this a result of the slow drip-drip-drip of a bad work situation? Is a toxic personal relationship chipping away at your dam of emotional well-being? Don’t try to dam up your emotions. Eventually, they will overflow, at times resulting in an unnecessary flood of devastation that cannot be contained.


The Process of Emotional Healing

Similar to the stages of grief, emotional healing happens in a series of stages that are not linear, but fluid, at times taking three steps forward and one step back. In simple terms, the steps include:

  • Identification of negative energy/emotions — understanding how you are feeling
  • Discovering the cause of negative emotions — knowing where the feelings came from or how they originated
  • Developing a coping mechanism and practice emotional turnaround — turning negative into positive or otherwise resolving those feelings (actual release of emotional energy can be part of this)


Use the Power of Positive Energy

A life of contentment and positivity is out there, if you are committed to working toward it. Identifying and releasing Trapped Emotions is a wonderful start. If you need assistance, there are practitioners of emotional healing who can help, like those certified through The Body Code® and The Emotion Code™. Learn more at Discover Healing.