Is there a particular food or drink that for no obvious reason makes you not want to consume it? Or maybe you know someone who struggles with something similar? It could be a child, or perhaps an animal.

 Could it be that the reason for this is you have a trapped emotion in your body?

 My son has hated bananas for many years; for example, I used The Emotion Code to check in with his subconscious to see if there was a trapped emotion which resulted in him not wanting anything to do with bananas. These are the emotions I released:

• shock at 7 yrs
• panic at 7 yrs

When he was 7 years old, I took him to an Ayurvedic doctor. The doctor had told him that it was compulsory for him to eat one banana a day. These emotions tested positive to being connected to this event.

Here’s a testimonial from a mother who used The Emotion Code to clear trapped emotions from her daughter who had a pineapple phobia: 

“My daughter also had a strange phobia to pineapple. She could not look, smell, touch or eat it. We knew that my late mother strongly disliked pineapple. We decided that we should try and treat it as a trapped emotion that she may have picked up from her late grandmother and we asked for it to be released. We also pinpointed that she was approximately one year of age when the emotion became trapped. She overcame her phobia instantly. It was so simple. She had had this phobia all her life. I gave her a piece of pineapple, which she managed to eat easily and enjoy. She was also able to cut up pieces of pineapple and look at the pineapple without any issues and she actually liked the taste.

The Emotion Code has changed my life and my daughter’s life. We are now going to work on releasing our Heart-Walls too. This has been the biggest gift in our lives.
Now, I shall wait and see if my son eats a banana…..

Have a try and see and what happens, there is nothing to lose except some trapped emotions. 😉

Charan Surdhar, TEC & TBC Certified Practitioner