I just heard from our Certification Director that we have just reached a milestone. We now have 2000 Emotion Code Certified Practitioners!

We’ve expanded into 57 countries. Wow… that’s exciting! This method of healing was once a collection of ideas, pieces of inspiration, and things Dr. Brad and I discovered during his years in practice. We were learning how to truly heal each patient that came through the door and came to know that we had discovered something really special. Brad and I wanted to do more and it became a goal of ours to share what we had.

Many years ago a close friend made a sarcastic remark. She said,” Brad just wants to heal the whole world!” We reflected on that, realizing that she was exactly right. How perceptive! It became our dream and mission to help everyone who wanted healing.

I’ll never forget when Brad and I went away for a weekend around that time. All we could think about was our desire to do more. Almost our entire vacation was spent sitting by a stream under the palm trees brainstorming, writing up ideas about what we could do to share this work, and creating our mission statement. We wanted others to know how they could benefit from this heaven-sent healing work, too.

Well, we have really just begun! There’s so much more to do but I wonder how many lives have been touched by these 2000 Emotion Code Certified Practitioners, some who have become Body Code Certified, too. It’s a great time to recognize and acknowledge those who are a part of this cause, helping others to heal. It’s a beautiful thing and we want to thank you. We couldn’t do this without you. I don’t like to think about what my own life would be like without The Emotion Code and The Body Code. This work has changed me as a person. It’s opened my heart and expanded my world tremendously. It continues to help me to discover what I need and it blesses my family and loved ones everyday. What a gift!

We all need help. We’re all susceptible to trauma, illness and difficulties of various types; none of us seem to escape life’s challenges. Life isn’t easy yet it’s opportunities offer to teach us when we are willing to learn. And the growth makes life so much richer! The Emotion Code and Body Code can help you to overcome the obstacles of your life. From my experience, they’ll help you to appreciate everything and everyone more, too. As you progress using these tools you’ll be able to feel your heart leap with love, gratitude and ultimately, joy! Dr.Brad and I want that for you… and for everyone who wants it. My hope is that you will empower yourself with this knowledge for a more joyful and abundant life!

Love to you all,

Jean Nelson

If you want to open up a new world of physical, emotional and financial freedom, learn more about becoming certified by clicking this link: https://www.healerslibrary.com/emotion-code-certification/