If you ever feel you’re not good enough, talented enough, or smart enough to go after a promotion or attain a goal, insecurity is probably to blame. We all feel insecure sometimes, but a lasting cycle of insecurity can make learning to love yourself and others freely quite difficult. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with insecurity that might help you keep it in check and get past those feelings that hold you back.


Releasing Trapped Insecurity

If you don’t know how to love yourself fully due to the insecurity of past experiences, failures, or disappointments, you’re not alone. We all feel this way at times, temporarily. But when that feeling is too intense for you to process, it could become lodged within you. This Trapped Emotion may make you more likely to feel insecure at the slightest provocation — such as a friendly, constructive criticism from a coworker — when you ordinarily wouldn’t feel that way.

Using The Emotion Code™ and muscle testing, you may be able to identify whether the emotional energy of insecurity is trapped in your body, and then release it. This may be your first step to avoiding the cycle of insecurity that makes it hard to learn how to love yourself, engage fully in relationships, or simply cut yourself some slack.


Other Ways to Handle Insecurity

Once you’ve released any potential Trapped Emotions of insecurity, you can take conscious steps to avoid it or process it more quickly, so it doesn’t become trapped again in the future. Here are a few suggestions:


Write down your feelings, but in 2nd person

Writing your feelings can be really cathartic. But in this situation, write your feelings in 2nd person. For example, instead of writing, “I always fail,” substitute “you” for “I” and write “you always fail” and so on. This places some distance between yourself and those negative thoughts. As you write, imagine that you are deflecting those attacks from yourself onto the paper you’re writing on. Then if you feel like it, you can tear the paper up to dispose of it both physically and mentally. Do this exercise as often as you need to.


Challenge your insecurities

Remember that, like any other emotion, insecurity is just energy. The interpretations you have made about yourself, your shortcomings, or what may or may not happen are just opinions — nothing that should be allowed to hold you back. Challenge that negative energy with your own positive thoughts, and tell those insecurities that they have no basis in reality.


Look at what you’ve accomplished

Take a few minutes to think about how far you’ve come in life: the challenges you’ve made it through, the things you’ve learned, the talents you’ve excelled at, and the attributes and strengths that have helped you along the way. Mindfully grab hold of those strengths and intend to carry them with you as a shield against the negativity that can make you feel insecure. 


How to Love Yourself Through It

You have compassion for others — why not yourself? Make a daily, conscious effort to challenge the negative energy of insecurity and tackle your inner critic with the suggestions above. These efforts, along with regularly practicing The Emotion Code™, can help you love yourself through your challenges so you can keep crippling insecurity out of your life and relationships.